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Govt.Tenders Singapore

Who Control Purchasing



There are different organs that are necessary for government purchases. These are the organs that have a direct link to the financial department of the state. The ministry in charge of purchasing include; ‘

-    Each ministry in the government has its own requirements. Therefore, each government ministry is responsible for purchasing its own goods and services to run its operations. Each ministry is supposed to provide a list of goods and services they want to purchase to an analysis committee and also to the finance department for funding.

-    The purchase of commonly used public goods and services is however done by three units in the Singaporean government. These are; Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), and Expenditure and procurement Policies Unit (EPPU)

Procurement Process

The Singaporean government purchases tender through three main procedures. This is based on the value and importance of the contract.

1.    Purchase for Small values


This is up to S$3,000. When doing small purchases that are less than 3,000 Singaporean Dollar, the government places the tender to GeBIZ for the invitation to tender. It follows the following steps;

-    The government assesses a fair market value and purchases direct from a suitable supplier.

-    The ministry that requires a particular good and service will actually ask for quotations and assess them. If satisfied with the bids placed, the ministry purchased directly from the supplier.

-    The Singaporean government does not publicize these small tenders alerts Singapore on GeBIZ but on others sites such as local magazines and papers.

-    Sourcing requirements needed include; written or verbal quotes, off shelf purchases, and GeBIZ Mall catalogues

2.    Invitation to Quote.


These are a quotation that ranges from 3,001 to 70,000 Singaporean Dollars.  

-    The government placed the quote on GeBIZ for direct access to supplies

-    Suppliers and Vendors who wish to apply for the supply can then submit a quote on the GeBIZ platform

-    You must first register with the government Supplier on the electronic Platform

-    Upon registration, include the following sourcing materials; Invitation to Quote (ITQ), Request for Quotation (RFT), Period contracts, and Framework agreement.

3.    Invitation to tender



These are tenders above 70,000 Singaporean Dollars. To apply for this kind of tenders, you must be a GeBIZ trading partner. It comprises of three kinds of tenders. These are; Open, selective and Limited tenders. Limited tenders are those that concern national security thus not open to every supplier.

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